we simply fill in the gap



What represents what you do, what you want to be and how you would like to communicate with your consumers or beneficiaries? We identify your strengths and develop a brand that speaks your identity.


What sets you apart from the clutter? We communicate your uniqueness connecting your great idea to consumers at every touch point


We connect by first developing the concept, identify the media outlets, design the necessary implementation methods and finally deliver creating a link between the consumer and the client.


We learn

We learn

Who is the consumer? What is important to the consumer? How can we craft a link between consumers and products or services?

What motivates consumers to purchase the product? We learn to uncover these strategic insights and draw on extensive data to utilize our advanced analytical skills convincing consumers about the specific product or services. By closely observing day-to-day consumer lifestyles we develop communication and activation plans with specific objectives & activities with a sharp focus on who & how will we motivate to take action.

we create

we create

We generate core ideas and optimize consumer touch points and media. We develop appealing content in which our creativity is from all perspectives, focused and designed to motivate the consumer to take action.

we provide

we provide

We provide a tool, through holistic media enabling our client to tell their stories through images and designs.

we are different

we are different

By developing our own unique mediums we create ripple effects for consumers and estimate daily impressions for our clients.


Featured Projects.

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Inner Vision

Democratization and Peace Building

Absinthe Lounge


Selam Ethiopia

DKT Ethiopia

BGI Ethiopia

We value

Our Vision is be the forefront center for Africa providing full service, with insights, relevancy, and focus connecting consumers with clients.

  • Creativity

    We are open-minded and foster a collegial work environment. Our studio is a place where creativity and originality are encouraged and embraced.

  • Quality

    Quality craftsmanship is our firm's tireless pursuit, which we put into every detail of our work. Quality is how we ensure that our work creates lasting meaning and value.Excellence is our key hallmark.

  • Teamwork

    We believe that designing requires collaboration across various disciplines. We are open to anyone who shares our vision to join us in our pursuit of creativity, quality and change.

  • Experiment

    We believe research and knowledge are the bases for discovery and growth. So, while we have deep expertise in design and marketing, we are always keen to experiment with new concepts and test out original ideas as we partner with you in your journey.

  • Planning

    The course of our creative design and concept development efforts is basically dictated by the consideration of our time and the time of our clients’, which is invaluable in our plans. We go extra miles to meet deadlines.

Our Team

Girum Habtewold

Girum Habtewold (Founder)

Managing Director

Desta Mahdere

Desta mahdere (Founder)

Creative Director

Michael Mengistu

Michael Mengistu (partner)

Art Director

Samson Tesfaye

Samson Tesfaye (partner)

PR and Events

Tsinuselam Mekuria

Tsinuselam Mekuria

Office Manager


Bethelhem Melaku

Account Executive


Sophia Adem

Account Executive and Project Coordinator


Habtamu Desta

Media Planner

Blaine Gidey

Blaine Gidey

Senior Graphic Designer

Natnael Yabtesega

Natnael Yabtesega

Junior Designer

Jigsa Wasihun

Jigsa Wasihun

Junior Designer

Tsinuselam Mekuria

Seyfe Welba

Liason Officer

Having its regular team, Designlab is always open to entertain plural constructive ideas and concepts. Any aspiring professional with the conviction of contributing its share is always warmly welcomed.